About me

Already as a child I was fascinated by nature and the black and white quite artistical photographs my mother had taken with her Box Tengor. Neither my love for nature nor my enthusiasm for photography ever left me since.

Prints and more

Prints can be ordered directly per e-mail or phone - see my contact page:

Pigmentink prints on premium fineart paper, limited edition,
signed and numbered

Namibia Impressions

Frist destination for nature lovers and photographers

Country of infinite vastness, often nearly uninhabited:
The Namib Desert, the famous Dunes of Sossusvlei with their colours and structures, clear and hard in the morning, blazing and shadowless at noon, pink,orange, red up to rust during spectacular sunset. Lonesome flats surrounded by sharply contoured volcanic mountain ranges. Hassocks of grass changing colour from yellow to orange and brown and to a light silvery green at sundown, vansihing into the soft purple of dusk.
The endless Kalahari bushland, wild horses in surreal deserted plains, a sand covered railway track...


Kulturbürgerhaus Bogenhausen - we are protesting- JOIN US

Artists living in Munich Bogenhausen are protesting against the 10 p.c. cutback of budget and the further construction delay in connection with  the planned Kulturbürgerhaus. This means a reduction of quality for this intercultural and generation-spanning meeting place,  and it will put back the opening presumably until  2022.

Support our protest and come on May 5, 2017 at 5 PM to the square before Cosimabad, corner Cosimastraße/Englschalingerstraße!


Sept. 20 - Nov. 9, 2014    "natur abstrakt - natur konkret"
                                          Kulturzentrum Galerie LINSE
                                          Weingarten, Bodensee
                                          solo exhibition